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                                                                 VFW Klubertanz Trapp Post 9362

                                                                        349 South Walker Way

                                                                    Sun Prairie, Wisconsin 53590

                                                                        Phone: 608-837-2025



front door







                             2nd District

                  Department of Wisconsin






                                              SUPPORT  OUR  TROOPS!





                                      "Open to the Public"












                          Mission Statement:                      Click Here

                          Community Service Projects:     Click Here

                          Post History                                               Click Here



                      Hours of Operation

                                                           Monday - Thursday  11:00 am - 10:30 pm

                                                           Friday - Saturday     11:00 am - Midnight

                                                                  Sunday   11:00 am - 8:00 pm  

                                 /\ Pool  /\  Darts  /\  Games  /\  



                               Daily  Plate  Lunch   Specials

                                         Monday - Friday


                           Evening & Weekend Menu is LIMITED to pizza & snacks


                         Weekly Plate Lunch Special Menu         Click Here



                                                                              Banquet Hall 


                            Kitchen Rental Rates   Click Here for Pricing  

              Banquet Hall Information & Rental Rates    Click Here for Information  


                  Kitchen charges are independent of Hall Rental



                                                                                    Steak  Fry

                  1st Wednesday of each Month,

                                               Sponsored by Ladies Auxiliary

                                                                              All work is volunteered!


        10oz.  Tasty Sirloin Steak,  Salad Bar,  Baked Potato,  Roll,  Desserts,  & Coffee









                                                                                COMMANDER    -   Phil Gerg           

                                                                            SR. VICE COMMANDER  -  Jack Ziesch

                                                                             JR. VICE  COMMANDER  -  Jim Farmer

                                                                               QUARTERMASTER  -  Dan Clavette 

                                                                                  POST ADVOCATE  -  Ralph Brandenburg

                                                                                    CHAPLAIN  -  Elizabeth Benn

                                                                                       SURGEON  -  Nate Hruska

                                                                                     ADJUTANT  -  Phil Anderson

                                                                               SERVICE OFFICER  Elizabeth Benn

                                                          TRUSTEES  -  Jim Farmer,  Gregg Phillips,  Andy Stolarzyk



                                      Ladies AUXILIARY                               Men's AUXILIARY

                                      PRESIDENT   -   Patt Steiner                                               PRESIDENT  -  Vic Steiner

                              SR.. VICE PRESIDENT  -  Donna Mericle                                SR.. VICE PRESIDENT  -  Crawford Hornes

                              JR. VICE PRESIDENT  -  Cathy Schoenherr                      JR. VICE PRESIDENT  -  David "Tuffy" Albedyell

                                    TREASURER  -  Cindy Wagner                                                  SECRETARY  -  Ben Clavette

                                       CHAPLAIN  -  Jenny Koenig                                                TREASURER  -  Paul Mericle, Jr. 

                                      GUARD  -  Marla Antony                                                            CHAPLAIN  -  Tony Derra           

                                  CONDUCTRESS  -  Janice Stanick                                                      GUARD  -  Bob Warren 

                                     SECRETARY - Katy Barber  

                                     TRUSTEES  -  Gail Niesl                                                               TRUSTEES  -  Joe Niesl                              

                                     MaryEllen Christianson                                                                           Mark Nowacki                  

                                     Lesley Waldbeiser                                                                                       Al 'Horse'              





                                              House Committee,  5:30 pm,  3rd Monday each Month

                                             Post Officers,  6:30 pm,  3rd Monday each Month

                                            Men's Auxiliary,  6:30 pm, 3rd Tuesday each Month

                                           Ladies Auxiliary, 6:00 pm, 3rd Wednesday each Month





                                                   VFW Membership Information   

                                                   VFW Membership Application


                                               Men's Aux. Membership Information      

                                               Men's Aux. Membership Application    


                                               Ladies Aux. Membership Information         

                                               Ladies Aux. Membership Application 


                                                       Volunteer Opportunities    

                                                             Events Calendar                            

                                                                News Letter                      

                                                          Recent Event Photos                   





                                                        Military Funeral Honors     

                                                                 Buddy Poppy

                                                                                        U.S. Military Singles

                                                                                             Military Humor

                                                U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

                                           Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs

                                              Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

                                                    U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars

                                                           The American Legion

                                                Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce

                                                            City of Sun Prairie






            All Gave Some - Some Gave All


                                          6" X 12" Paver   =  donation $150 - $499